The Forgotten Memories Of Buddy Mac

Chapter 10


Just my imagination, he thought. The house seem’s to be more put together than he first expected. From the outside it was a old and ragged house but on the inside it was as if everything was nearly new but dusty.

It doesn’t seem like anyone has been here in ages. He takes a look around, no one in the room’s, the entire place empty. Buddy sit’s on a wooden chair and falls asleep almost instantly.

In his dream.. Buddy was having a nightmare. He dreams of a life as a solider in…

The Forgotten Memories Of Buddy Mac

Chapter 9


Back at the base. There was a classified meeting being held on the mission Clotho was on. There are five people in attendance. Atropos, the Inflexible One, Lachesis, measure of the thread.. Armstrong of the High Mountian, Reporter Kenzo & Captain Zale.

Reporter Kenzo begins by telling them that “Clotho and her squad have been killed by Carmen & Buddy. Carmen has been killed again and a year awaits us all.” he says. Also both Carmen & Clotho bodies seem to be gone completely from this earth, meaning they were killed by bombing possibly. …

4 Team Trade

Houston Rockets Receive: Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, Four 1st Round Picks & Four 1st Round Pick Swaps

Brooklyn Nets Recieve: James Harden, 2nd Round Pick

Ceveland Cavs Recieve: Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince

Pacers Recieve: Caris LeVert & 2nd Round Pick

Now that we know the trade details lets see the timeline for this trade happening. We know James Harden has not wanted to continue playing for the Houston Rockets, it was known at the beginning of the season.

  • September 17, 2020, The James Harden Trade Rumors Started
  • December 23, 2020, The Strip Club images started…

LeBron James

2020 - 2021 Start to the NBA season

7 Games

32.1 Minutes Per Game

23.6 Points Per Game

8.6 FGA

18.4 FGA

46.5 FG%

2.4 3PM, 6.3 3PA 38.6 3P%

4.0 FTM, 5.4 FTA 73.7%

OREB 0.9 DREB 7.6

8.4 REB

7.4 AST, 3.3 TOV

1.1 STL, 0.3 BLK

1.1 PF

Recent News

LeBron James puts Dabo Swinney on blast January 1 because we all know LeBron is from Ohio and is a big fan of the Ohio Buckeyes. Dabo the Clemson coach ranked Ohio State No.11 before the Buckeyes & Tigers Played. …

The Forgotten Memories Of Buddy Mac

Chapter 7

The Confrontation

“It’s we either fight or escape. I choose to kill them all, so Buddy I think you should stay out of this fight until you get your memory back.” He agrees with a blank expression on his face.

“I’m gonna run right into their trap on purpose but with a new weapon I have.”

“I need you to hid somewhere close, we could be being watched right now so be careful where you hide.” As she stretches.

Carmen looks at Buddy with an uncertain look on her face. …

The Forgotten Memories Of Buddy Mac

Chapter 6

The Rogue Warrior

A few days later..

“Your finally awake now” Buddy proclaims to Carmen, “who would have thought that someone could sleep this long.”

It doesn’t matter at all, did you get a good look around? Has any of your memories returned yelled Carmen.” No, he replies!

As she walks toward the kitchen with her eyes closed and humming. She kicks him with all her might in the stomach! “You damn fool hurry up and get your shit together we don’t have a lot of time.” He hits the floor and passes out.

Laying on the ground passed out “huh”…

Chapter 5

The Home of Carmen

After running for so long the both of them even lose track of time but Carmen has been here before so the route that was taken was very familiar. But finally she comes to a complete stop as she lays Buddy on the ground. “We made it” she say’s to herself, finally I was starting to lose my breathe it’s difficult carrying a full person on my back.

Now now wake up Buddy we are here. As Buddy sits up he starts to notice the surroundings. “Why is there a massive trail going up…

Chapter 4

“Now is the time to get out of this place,” she thought. “Ma’am” says communications “it seems that the base has shifted around once you walk out the door.”

“I've already got a route for you to get out,” says communication’s. She runs through the door at full speed.

Dashing down the hallway, the bodies that were on the ground from the fight from earlier vanished none of them in sight. Carmen continues down the hall makes a left turn and then a sharp right turn but dead end. …

Buddy Hield? Who is he? A shooting guard standing at 6 foot 4 inches, drafted number 6 in the 2016 draft or the 27 year old on his second team in his short 4 years in the league or the kid that didn’t start playing basketball until he was 11 years old.. The answer, he is all of the above.

Coming into the league Buddy was known for his scoring ability when he was playing for Oklahoma.

During the draft

He had a wingspan of six nine and a half and a 40 inches vertical measured before the draft by…

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